Who we are

Who we are

SUANFARMA Italia is a leading company in the development, production and distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients for human and animal health.

Since we were established at the end of the 1960s, we have been always committed to two parallel lines: well-being and innovation. We develop new technologies to deliver innovative products, always putting people at the centre of our way of understanding work.

Our philosophy aims at the continuous improvement of all areas of the company to build an organization truly focused on the needs of the customer.

Our mission has always been to improve people's lives by providing customers high quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices.

To achieve this goal, our daily work focus on the quality and sustainability of products and work.

Site Leadership Team

At SUANFARMA Italia we are aware of the importance of strong leadership.

Our Site Leadership Team is made up of professionals who dedicate their passion and expertise to the pursuit of the company's mission and objectives. They are the ones who indicate the direction we must take in order to continue on our path of continuous improvement, helping us to strengthen our position of excellence in our field.

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Managing Director

Head of Communication & Ex. Assistant Managing Director

Head of Manufacturing Operations

Head of Quality Unit

Head of Engineering & Technical Services

Head of Finance & Administration

Head of Analytical Laboratory & Services

Head of Supply Chain Management

Head of Human Resources


The company was established by a private group of entrepreneurs in 1969; it has expanded over the years and is now an international point of reference for the development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients for human and veterinary use. Our production facility constantly innovates by incorporating cutting-edge technology and paying particular attention to the health and safety of our employees.


Private entrepreneurs, Gruppo Giommoni Meoni, establish Archifar

«Archifar > Roferm SpA»


Biochemie Kundl, now Sandoz GmbH, acquires the company and changes the name to Biochemie SpA

«Biochemie SpA»


Sandoz changes the name to Sandoz IP SpA.

«Sandoz Industrial Products Spa»


SUANFARMA acquires the company and rebrands it to SUANFARMA Italia