How we work

How we

The production process

SUANFARMA Italia applies the principles of Lean Manufacturing and, on this basis, we use highly sophisticated computerized fermentation processes to manufacture our products. Everything starts in modern microbiological laboratories, then continues in up-to-date industrial fermenters and ends with the extraction of the active ingredient.

Only after severe quality control tests and after an accurate examination that all quality parameters have been respected, the product can be released and leaves the factory.

In our facility, we integrate state-of-the-art technology, highly sophisticated processes, attention to safety and environmental sustainability to ensure products that meet high standards and help people to take care of their health.

Our philosophy

We base our corporate philosophy on the pillars of continuous improvement, environmental sustainability and the commitment of every single person in the company.

We are open to challenges and change, we are not afraid of questioning ourselves, and we always seek out innovative solutions.

The goal that drives our daily work is to make high-quality medicines available to everyone all over the world at affordable prices, to improve people’s life through accessible medical care.

Commitment and passion are the best foundation to build a sustainable future for all.